Landscapers Auckland

Landscapers Auckland.

To create the landscaped garden that you will be satisfied with, requires you to:

Know what you want.

Carefully consider what you want.
Consult with other family members, who share the property with you, about what they want.

Consider the following, do you want:
  • An outdoor living area, if so what do you want in it?
  • Entertaining – To entertain large groups or smaller groups.
  • Do you prefer formal or informal entertaining?
  • Built in seating, movable furniture or a combination.
  • A barbecue or fire-place, if so do you prefer it built in, or portable so it can be moved around.
  • Electrical outlets and lighting.
  • Shade – Umbrella or permanent structure such as pergola.
  • Recreational space for – Games such as: cricket, badminton, croquet, putting green, horse shoes, tether ball, tennis, basket ball hoop shooting, etc.
  • Consider any changing needs such as a growing family. Young children may want a sand pit, or shallow paddling pool, then want a playhouse, or fort, as the children older, so open space may need to be kept versatile.
  • A swimming pool and or spa?
  • Hobby Garden – Do you want vegetables herbs, flowers, roses, fruit, plants to attract and feed birds, or any specific plants.
  • Glass or shade house,
  • Raised garden beds to save bending for maintenance.
  • Drive way and number of parking spaces needed for vehicles, boats, caravan and trailers.
  • Security lighting.
  •   Clothes line.
  • Storage shed or building for equipment, tools, mowers, outdoor furniture.
  • Compost bin, dog house and run, or other pet requirements.
  • Views you want to keep, or views you want to screen for privacy.
  • Maintenance level – Do you want a minimum, medium or higher maintenance requirement.
  • Style of house and what style of garden landscape would best suit the property.
  • Features that need to be modified.
  • Prevailing winds- Modify the micro climate, by creating shelter from a prevailing wind with trees or structures .
  • Drainage – Are there wet areas all winter, that need drainage.
  • Beautify the appearance of the property from the road.
  • Are there any features that need to be removed, such as trees that are unsuitable for some reason, such as too close to the buildings. This may allow for additional space that can be better utilised.
  • Are there any allergies amongst your family members.
    Write down the answers to the above questions, to give to a landscaper, so they know exactly what you want.

    Make a plan.

    If it’s a substantial sized job, making major changes to your property, then it’s best to get a professional to make a landscape plan for your requirements. This planning may include a consultation, then concept plans, then more detailed design and construction plans.

    Potential mistakes to avoid:

    1.  Doing part of the job, when you don’t know what you’re doing can wreck the job, and end up costing you more to redo it or have a substandard finish, which can or waste time and materials.
    2. Don’t try to cut corners, by not planning properly. Often people don’t want to spend money on a landscape design plan, they want to just start. This can create problems, when you realise part way through the project, that you just thought of something, and want to change the whole project and have to undo some of what you’ve already done.
    3. If you want to save money by doing some parts your self. Just do the less skilled parts, such as clearing away any unwanted rubbish, etc.
    4. Don’t create magpie gardens, where you just go to the garden centre or nursery without any plan and buy whatever catches your eye, then take it home and think where can I put this?
    5. Don’t start planting in the middle of the largest space and keep planting at equidistant spacing until you think the space is full. This sort of planting is a lot of work to maintain with weeding, and makes the space unusable because it’s full.

    How to find the best landscapers Auckland,
    with the right skills, to get a good job done.

    What credentials to look for, when searching for landscapers Auckland.

    • 1. Landscapers Auckland Qualifications:

    Do they have academic qualifications, if so what are?

    • 2. Are they a Member of professional organisation, such as Landscaping Industry Association New Zealand. (LIANZ)
    • 3. How long have they been working in the landscapers Auckland industry.
    • 4. Do they have references from satisfied customers.
    • 5. Do they have photos of previous work.
    • 6. What area do they live and work in.
    • 7. Are they good communicators, and easy to deal with.
    • 8. Do they have public liability insurance in case they do some damage to your property.

    Tips to consider with landscapers Auckland:

    • When you contact any Landscapers Auckland, be considerate towards them. If you want them to do their best for you, it’s better not to phone them on Saturday night, or Sunday, because they might like to have some time to relax.
    • Be realistic about what you can afford, and what will fit into the available space.
    • It may be best to get a landscaper to create a longer term plan that can be done in stages as the funds become available.
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    Visit local gardens to get ideas.

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